Municipal Planning

All municipalities have specific but varied set of conditions and priorities with respect to development and infrastructure changes. Planning for these changes, given the amount of government regulations pertaining to these actives, can be challenging.

Great Valley Consultants specializes in understanding these regulations and the way they impact municipalities. We can help navigate the minefield of laws, deadlines, and requirements and enable communities to make the improvements necessary for growth without harming commercial productivity or the environment.

Services Available:

  • Act 537 Planning
  • Review & Evaluation of Existing and Proposed Municipal Comprehensive Plans and Related Ordinances
  • Preparation of Municipal Comprehensive Plans
  • Preparation of Zoning Maps and Ordinances
  • Zoning Ordinance and Regulation Interpretation
  • Preparation of Subdivision and Land Development Ordinances
  • Advisement of Grant Programs and Planning Code Requirements
  • Preparation of Municipal Public Works Construction Specifications and Standards
  • Capital Improvements Programming
  • Preparation of Traffic/Transportation Impact Fee Ordinances
  • Preparation of Infrastructure Impact Fee Ordinances

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