Great Valley Consultants can provide building code officials, plan review services and certified inspectors for commercial and residential building inspections as required by the Uniform Construction Code as adopted by a municipality.


The staff at GVC has received and maintains the following Certifications under the Uniform Construction Code:

  • Building Plan Examiner
  • Plumbing Plan Examiner
  • Mechanical Plan Examiner
  • Electrical Plan Examiner
  • Energy Plan Examiner
  • Accessibility Plan Examiner
  • Building Code Official
  • Commercial Building Inspector
  • Fire Inspector
  • Commercial Plumbing Inspector
  • Commercial Mechanical Inspector
  • Commercial Energy Inspector
  • Accessibility Inspector
  • Residential Building Inspector
  • Residential Plumbing Inspector
  • Residential Mechanical Inspector
  • Residential Electrical Inspector

Commercial Building Plan Review Services

GVC can provide comprehensive commercial plan review services as required by the Uniform Construction Code as adopted by the Municipality:

  • Building Plan Reviews
  • Plumbing Plan Reviews
  • Mechanical Plan Reviews
  • Energy Plan Reviews
  • Accessibility Plan Reviews
  • Electrical Plan Reviews

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